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Namibia Photographic Safari - with acclaimed German Photographer Miro May

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Welcome to a true Namibian experience – a melting pot of beautiful people, awe-inspiring landscapes and real wildlife interaction. We will make sure you have everything that you need and more to make this African journey one in a lifetime. This tour will not only leave you with incredible memories, but will also assist in growing your connection with nature, people and our natural environment.

We will always ensure that you are safe and comfortable, and that you feel at home and completely immersed in your surroundings.

Bring your camera, your imagination and your free spirit to this beautiful and unique African country of mountain, desert, canyon, wildlife and ocean. Few countries in the world can rival Namibia for its sheer open and vast landscapes and magical late afternoon and night skies.

Miro will take you through the process to capture your dream images of the Himba and the San/Bushmen of northern Namibia. Other highlights include the Namib DesertPalmwagSpitzkoppe, the Kaudum National Park, Etosha National Park and off course the small capital of Windhoek.

From Miro May

Connected People

You love photography, you are curious about foreign cultures and you like the adventure? Then join me on a photo workshop in Namibia.

In the workshop I would like to share with you my passion for photography and travel. We travel off the beaten track, intense exploration amongst foreign tribes and their cultures, surrounded by grandiose nature and dive fully into the world of travel and portrait photography.

We visit the San (Bushman) in the east and the Himba in the far north of Namibia. We allow ourselves to bring their culture and customs closer and combine this experience with an intensive photography workshop.

We stay long enough at each location, so that you will have enough time to take pictures.

But also such highlights like Etosha National Park and some optional activities like Sossusvlei with up to 380 meter high orange dunes shouldn`t be neglected.

The professional local travel agency has many years of experience, precise local knowledge and well-equipped 4x4 vehicles to bring you and your photo equipment safely to each destination. 

About Miro May

I am a freelance photographer, based in Dusseldorf and work around the world.

My pictures have been published in various journals and magazines (a.o., National Geographic, Stern, View, PHOTOGRAPHY,etc.), NGO reports and cultural calendars. My works are even represented by agencies like dpa pa, gettyimages,, Photocircle, etc.

 Last year I had two solo exhibition in Dusseldorf and Bonn.

I love to share my experience and my knowledge with other photo enthusiasts.

I am active in many fields of photography, but my focus is definitely in the travel - and portrait photography.

 My travels took me to places that are not on any map -

I shook the hands of proud warriors, shared the food with the last indigenous peoples on the earth and reflecting myself in eyes of laughing children.

 I love the beauty and the unexpected and I am still looking for the right moment.

 Respectful treatment and direct contact with people I photograph are very important for me.



The content will be - in the frame of the workshop- tailored to your wishes.

You come to places and encounter people that make the heart of every photographer beat faster.

You will learn how you bring emotions, feelings and moods expressed in your pictures. And how to make your work move and touch.

You discover your skills and try to find your personal style to show with images not just one person, but also her soul.

You will also learn how you can assess and choose people suitable for your ideas.

How to use the light and get the best from the different situations.

It doesn't matter which camera you have - from digital compact camera to a dSLR camera- each is welcome. The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. Live out your creativity and the imagination.

You can always benefit of my ideas and experiences in relation to handling of light, composition and contact with foreign cultures.

But please note that this workshop not included a technical basis (as structure of the camera, aperture, depth of field, exposure time, ISO, autofocus, exposure, important camera modes, Overview lenses) technical questions can be answered only in passing.


Add-on after the tour: Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, Solitaire, Kuiseb Canyon, the seaside town of Swakopmund, the moon landscape and the Welwitchia Mirabilis plants.

START: Windhoek 

END: Windhoek


ACCOMMODATION: Lodge x 7, Bush Lodge x 4, Hotel x 1


Please note that the price is per person sharing (5% discount on direct bank transfers). A single supplement will apply. Price is based on current exchange rate and is subject to change without prior notice.

We realise that not everybody wants the same trip, so if you would like to make any changes to the itinerary or would like us to work out a specific tour, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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